Living Life at Your Own Pace

Living Life at Your Own Pace

Name: Natasha Fabrizi

Career: Talent Manager

Country: Toronto

Instagram account: @tashherz

Living Life at Your Own Pace


Hello! I’m a native Australian who recently moved to Toronto. I’m a qualified yoga teacher, makeup artist, studying life coaching and have just started working as a Talent Manager at P1M. 

An unforgettable experience

Going on reality tv as the first lesbian bride on Married at First Sight Australia taught me the biggest lessons of my life. I would never recommend doing it to anyone but I also have no regrets.

Living Life at Your Own Pace

Daily life is simple and punctuated with self care and wellness routines.

Morning journaling, meditating and walking, nourishing food and connecting prioritised in the evenings. 

Living Life at Your Own Pace
Natasha, having just appeared on Australia’s Married at First Sight as the first ever lesbian bride, decided to hold an online Netflix viewing party of whatever queer film her Instagram audience voted for, to help soothe the worry of the new lockdown laws coming into place. No surprises here- the gays wanted Below her Mouth and that’s what they got. The Daily Mail wrote an article citing that Natasha had done this to create togetherness for the queer community during the first of the covid lockdowns. Far away in LA, Stephanie, the write of Below Her Mouth, goggled their movie and saw the article. They posted the article on their story and thanked Natasha for using the film to foster community. The two exchanged sweet, yet innocent messages, each thanking the other and that was that.

A few months later, Stephanie (a true Aries) reacted when Natasha posted something on her story slighting Aries and some heady banter began. In true lesbian fashion they moved from Instagram to texting, to voice notes and once Stephanie sent Natasha a voice note in Italian saying something too dreamy to share, it was all over.

The two began a committed never-met long distance relationship. A Canadian and an Australian. In the middle of the covid pandemic. There were so many FaceTime dates, sending each other Ubereats as a way to have a dinner date, and falling asleep listening to the other breathe. After 9 months of coming up with multiple plans of how they were ever going to meet, at a time where it felt like Australia in particular was never again letting anyone out, or in, Natasha finally got an exemption to travel to Toronto to meet Stephanie.

Living Life at Your Own Pace

The love was pure, real, worth every bit of paperwork, stress, travel. It truly felt fated, exciting and comforting at the same time. The emotional and spiritual connection they had built through 9 months of being apart yet communicating constantly, served as an incredibly strong foundation. After falling in love again, in person, Natasha spent 10 months in Toronto with Stephanie. This included a xmas proposal in front of a fire, Stephanie down on one knee in no shoes and Natasha with her heart in her mouth, trying not to instantly cry (even though she’s a triple water sign so that’s wishful thinking).

Everything felt right. Even when it was hard. Even when they each had work to do on themselves that impacted the relationship. Even when their attachment styles butted heads. The deep, profound connection, persevered in the face of every single hardship. Natasha had never been so sure in the depths of her heart, that she wanted to marry this person wholly.

Living Life at Your Own Pace
Living Life at Your Own Pace

They travelled to Australia together in 2022 and were married by Natasha’s father (who shares the same birthday as Stephanie) in a small, intimate ceremony at Chateau Apollo in Adelaide with a tiny guest list and so much love the venue could have burst wide open. Tears, cowboy boots, Italian food and two people who managed to find each other in a very peculiar way that could only be described as destiny. On May 8th this year they celebrate one year of being married. They are building their life in Toronto, and fall more in love, every single day.

Go slower than you think.

Don’t waste so much time thinking about what your physical body looks like- it’s not worth it. 

Living Life at Your Own Pace

Back to Shoes

1. What style of shoes do you typically wear daily? 

Sneakers every day! But boots in the winter!

2. Which of our collections do you think would be the best fit for you?

I definitely love the boots, I love that they are water proof, excellent for winter. I also really like the look of the Renee slippers, they look so cosy!

3. When it comes to purchasing shoes, what factors do you consider the most important?

Whether they are comfortable while being stylish is probably the most important thing for me.

4. How's your understanding of fashion and eco-fashion?

I’m getting better at learning about it! I definitely prefer to buy from local designers who are using sustainable materials. 

5. What does a nice pair of shoes mean to you?

As long as I’m comfortable and they suit my tiny ankles, I’m happy! I definitely prefer flat over heels.

6. Share your honest experience

They feel a little narrow but I love how they look and I am excited to wear them through winter!

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Living Life at Your Own Pace
Living Life at Your Own Pace
Living Life at Your Own Pace