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What These shoes are made from plastic

Now while I’m certainly no angel, if I see a brand innovating and thinking out of the box to help us become a little more eco-conscious, I’m all for it and that’s exactly what I discovered with VIVAIA.

What’s the deal? They make shoes out of plastic! Wait, aren’t we supposed to be using less plastic? Exactly!

VIVAIA recycles plastic bottles to make swoon-worthy footwear that looks stunning and anything but plastic in nature!

What These shoes are made from plastic

What These shoes are made from plastic

I went for the Stella Heels in Olive Wildcat and have been literally head over heels at how comfortable they are! How on earth these are made from six plastic bottles is beyond me but it’s definitely a ‘step’ in the right direction!

Pointed shoes always pinch my wider than average forefoot but to my surprise, these beauties really fit perfectly, so much so, that I’m already window-shopping online and adding shoes, boots, flats and loafers to my future wish-list!

What These shoes are made from plastic

What These shoes are made from plastic

What These shoes are made from plastic

With VIVAIA, the conscientiousness doesn’t stop with their shoes, every little detail is in sync and that really speaks volumes about their commitment to their goals!

The shoes feature super comfy natural latex insoles (take note if you’re allergic to latex), carbon free rubber outsoles and you can even machine-wash these beauties because, let’s face it, life can get a little messy! 😅

Even their shoe boxes are made from 90% recycled cardboard, featuring a quirky quote that says,

No waste, just misplaced treasure.

How apt and clever to remind us to do the same and upcycle the box once we’re done storing our shoes in it (which my hubby already did to create a DIY storage system for his old pen collection).

With VIVAIA, I think we have a real winner on our feet, belles and beaus!


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