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100 Lifestyles with VIVAIA

Marina’s career life

“#Hardworking #Wondering #Learning.There are lot of unknown things in the world for us to know.“ Name : Marina ChanCountry : ChinaCareer : VIVAIA Supply Chain & Operational Management Introducing some of your career life. what is it?How long have you been working for?How did you get into this industry? A business profession with sound experience …

My Family Is My Motivation-feature
100 Lifestyles with VIVAIA

My Family Is My Motivation

My Family Is My Motivation My name is Denislene, I am Brazilian but I’ve been living in the United States for about 4 years now. I speak Portuguese, English and I am currently learning French. I’ve been married for almost 4 years now and I have 2 amazing kids Adelynn Angela and Oliver James. Name: …

Geovana's Lifestyle as An Artist
100 Lifestyles with VIVAIA

Geovana’s Lifestyle as An Artist

Interview at the International Brazilian Artist Geovana Clea Name: Geovana CléaCountry: BrazilIG: @geovanacleaofficial Geovana Cléa born in Brazilian in 1977. She studied art and the Italian language in Florence during the 90s and currently resides close to Milan. For more than twenty years, Geovana presented her work internationally across various art stages, among many: New …