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Vivaia is an incredible brand which I have discovered recently. I am truly in love with their mission to produce eco-friendly shoes because they are made from recycled plastic bottles.
Here is the first pair – very warm winter boots in the modern white colour. They have comfortable square heel which is not too high so I can wear them whenever I go out for a walk.
The other ones are more suitable for spring/autumn season, so I still haven’t been out with them. I’ve got one pair in black and one in mustard. Both are very comfortable even though they are pointed, modern and fashionable. They are so flexible. The most convenient thing is that they are easy to wash – you can do it even in the washing machine.
Here is my old pair and this is my new one. The new ones have a lot of modifications and improvements. They have added memory foam heel padding which prevents your feet from rubbing and slipping off. It feels like a pillow. The old ones don’t have it. The new ones are much softer and more comfortable for my feet. The best thing about the new ones are the amazing insoles. They relieve the pressure and make a big difference. The pointed top of the shoes is adjusted by 5 degrees. Give them a try. If your feet could speak, they would thank you.

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