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Today’s blog is a review of Vivaia, the sustainable shoe brand that I have been loving recently! Vivaia is an online female footwear brand which specialises in handcrafted shoes made out of eco friendly materials.

How is Vivaia sustainable?

I have the ‘White Pink‘ sneakers from their new collection and they are by far, the most breathable and comfortable sneakers I own! I have very sensitive skin and so I experience bruising very easily, especially from shoes made from leather, that tore my feet and made them bleed when I walked. I am so glad that I have not experienced this issue with my shoes from Vivaia and the added bonus is they are eco friendly! This is because Vivaia is passionate about having an entirely green operation when making their footwear. Vivaia shoes use 3D technology and a zero-waste function to create the ultimate combination of comfort and practicability. All designs feature chic and trendy styles that are fit for the modern woman. Even their brand name is inspired by their shoes (specifically letters V and A) and recycling water bottles (highlighted by the double Is) as the shoes are made from six recycled plastic bottles, which is incredible!

Review of sustainable and stylish Vivaia-
Not only are Vivaia models made using plastic bottles, but they are packaged using 100% recycled cardboard. Additionally, all of their products are machine washable, which is much more convenient than taking them to a shop to be professionally polished. Vivaia provide all customers with a washing guide for the shoes.

Why invest in Vivaia shoes?

There are many reasons to invest in Vivaia shoes! I personally recommend them, because there is such a vast range of shoes and so there will definitely be one which you like. Vivaia shoes include: heels, mules, flats and loafers! There are also many different sizes available for the shoes, making them inclusive for all women. I noticed this, as having a larger shoe size than the average woman, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could get a pair that would fit!

Vivaia is also a very reputable brand, as there are many positive reviews left of the company on trustworthy review sites! Vivaia also boasts almost one million followers on their Instagram account to reinforce how they are a popular company.

Vivaia also gives their customers lots of incentives to shop with them, such as through their ‘Refer-A-Friend’ Program which helps you save 20% off a purchase when a referral is successful. You can also find many discount codes for products on the Vivaia website! I also love how Vivaia offers free standard shipping and a 14 day money back guarantee on returns.

Review of sustainable and stylish Vivaia

In Conclusion:

There are many reasons I would recommend these shoes! The only con to the brand is the shoes are quite expensive, as most of Vivaia’s designs usually range in the £70+ category. However, if you were to account for labour costs while ensuring sustainable practices, the overall price is more than fair! Especially, as the products are such good quality too, designed to give longevity.

Review of sustainable and stylish Vivaia

Hope you have a lovely day!

Beth 🙂

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