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So grateful to be working with my FAVORITE shoe company, VIVAIA! Do you know why I love them so much? It’s because they are not only sustainably chic, but these shoes are SO comfortable! I wear my Aria flats at every single wedding I work. They are light, comfortable, and easy to wash. As a wedding photographer, I am running around for 8-12 hours nonstop. You have no idea the things I have stepped in, just to get the shot. So I am grateful that the VIVAIA shoes are machine washable. No need to dry clean them, bleach them, or put them in the sun! All you need to do is throw them in the wash with cold water, and then put them int he shade to dry. It’s that simple!

VIVAIA has just announced the launch of their new Aria 5º flats! They are the same chic style, just with new materials. For example, these are able shoes are made from hemp yarn instead of 6 plastic bottles! These shoes are adorable, and I can’t believe how soft the material is. You’d think sustainable fabrics made from plants or plastic bottles would be uncomfortable. Just the opposite!

Aside from the adorable Aria 5º, there are tons of other fabulous designs! check out these Point Toe Knot Mules. These are perfect for traveling because the color goes with everything, and they are so small it’s easy to pack them into any suitcase. Perfect to bring for any Summer Vacation!

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