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Today we have an exciting VIVAIA collection sustainable shoes review. Whenever a blogger receives a collaboration offer in the email, you never know what to expect. Is the brand real, is it a scam, and if not would their mission and products align with my values and niche. When I was researching on Vivaia collection, I saw that their footwear is beautiful, timeless, and classy. You know that my passions are shoes and bags, and how I always promote elegance, and Vivaia shoe represents it perfectly.

Vivaia collection sustainable shoes review

However, Vivaia shoes also represent an eco-lifestyle, high quality, and sustainability. I am still at the beginning of a more sustainable lifestyle, but I think more of what I buy, do I need it, and where it comes from. Shopping from Vivaia is investing and even donating. You end up with beautiful investment shoes, while you know that your pair of shoes have helped to clean nature from plastic bottles. That is exactly what Vivaia does- recycle plastic bottles and turn them into timeless, elegant fashion shoes.

Some materials include not only plastic bottles but also vegan leather, latex foam, rubber, artemisia Argyi herbal, and wool. Shoes are knitted in special technology using these materials and turned into modern eco shoes!

PACKAGING of VIVAIA collection

Vivaia collection sustainable shoes review

Boxes are made out of 100% recycled cardboard. I love the luxury experience as well, and Vivaia boxes give me a beautiful luxury experience. If you like the minimalistic and aesthetic packaging, then you are going to love unboxing Vivaia shoes!

WASHING of VIVAIA collection shoes

I know that many of you can have questions on how to care about knitted shoes. Especially if they are lighter colors (like mine). On the webpage, there is a whole article on how to wash them. Some VIVAIA shoes are machine washable, but some are not and need to be hand clean with a brush.

Vivaia collection sustainable shoes review

Pointed-toe bow flats cream Ivory

Vivaia collection sustainable shoes review

Flats have take-off bows that you can change. When it comes to flats, especially pointed-toe flats for me the size can run small. I have very tiny feet. However, right now it seems like these are good, and does not lift too much. Another problem with flats is, they can be too flat, and can hurt the feet, and not be comfortable. However, the VIVAIA flats are very comfortable with padded soles that mold to your feet and are perfect on

Vivaia collection sustainable shoes review

Another crucial detail choosing your perfect footwear is- is it safe, or will you fall on your nose the moment you step on the slipper shopping mall floors? The first detail I noticed when trying on flats is anti-slip rubber outsoles. Flats are made out of breathable materials and feel super good on your feet!

I am in my 30s, and last year I started to invest my money only in good quality footwear. My feet want comfort and do not accept anything less than soft materials and soles.


Sustainable flats online from VIVAIA. Vivaia collection sustainable shoes review
Pointed-toe flats will look great with cropped mom jeans. However, they will especially flourish with a sweater dress or any feminine skater dress on. I travel a lot in the summers and love to take photos. Therefore, shoes that are pretty but also comfortable are very crucial for me and these will definitely make it to my trips.

Round toe chunky heeled boots

The first footwear I chose was round-toe boots in cream ivory tone. I always shop only for black shoes, especially boots. Therefore I knew that this time I wanted to get some lighter tones. I have a beautiful light wool winter coat, and these boots match perfectly with the coat.

Vivaia collection sustainable shoes review

I will never forget the sensations I had when I put on these boots for the first time. They are extra comfortable and soft and feel like wearing a sock. For last years we all have been mostly just wearing joggers and sneakers. I have also noticed that I wear a lot of leggings and jeans and want to go a more feminine road. Therefore, comfortable heel boots like these make it easy for me to dress in a feminine way and still feel very comfortable. Last but not least, these boots also have anti-slip rubber outsoles!

EDITED! I am writing this after a 3km walk in these boots and all I can say is- they feel like wearing slippers and my feet feels great after the long walk too!


Sock type of boots looks perfect with slit midi skirt and sweater outfit. However, I can also see it with jeans and more casual outfits as well!

Conclusion of my review

Vivaia collection sustainable shoes review

In conclusion, would I suggest VIVAIA collection shoes to people? Would I invest my money in these shoes? Yes, I would spend money on timeless pieces of the Vivaia collection. I would suggest you think about your daily life, your style and what you wear to decide which shoes would you wear the most every day and get the most wear out of them. Then I would go for those shoes- you will not regret it.

Vivaia is not for people that search for affordable shoes. However, the brand puts a lot of work, effort, and also good cause into making these shoes. The price is great for what you get!

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