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Hi, besties! I hope you’re all well, happy and safe! I’ve been crazy busy trying to sort out both my content work and job tasks before I go on holiday next week. I’ll be going to Gran Canaria for two weeks with my boyfriend!! I’m so excited! I was thinking I would do a travel blog post after the two weeks with everything we did, places we visited and ate at. What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments 🙂

Anyway, let’s talk about why you’re really here and that’s Vivaia! I’m so excited to introduce this brand on my blog. I absolutely adore the heels they gifted me and when they approached me to work with them on Instagram and on my blog I couldn’t refuse; especially with the brand’s work towards sustainability.

Who Are Vivaia?

“Stylish, Sustainable, Step into conscious comfort”. That’s the first sentence you’ll read on Vivaia’s official Instagram page. And you know what? They did not lie. Vivaia is a sustainable brand to use plastic bottles to create their shoes.

Vivaia’s mission was to create stylish and sustainable footwear and that continues to be their mission. Every shoe created since the brand started has been done sustainably to make sure they are creating a positive impact on the environment.

Every shoe from Vivaia have the following:

  1. The upper knit is soft and breathable
  2. a natural latex insole which minimises odors
  3. insole arch support which provides stability
  4. made with recycled material making it eco-friendly
  5. machine washable
  6. a seemless design, meaning zero waste

Vivaia ensures that every shoe is made this way through recycled materials and 3D printing making it zero waste and the ultimate sustainable shoe!

Not only are their shoes sustainable but so is their packaging. It’s made entirely of recycled cardboard and they do the best they can to avoid artificial colours. This avoids extra waste and using anything that may be harmful to the planet.

Vivaia’s “Tech Knit”

This is probably the most interesting part of the process of making a sustainable shoe, and it’s how Vivaia turns plastic bottles into thread. Vivaia use discarded PET bottles from the ocean. They are then cleaned in a factory. After that, a machine chips the plastic into little flakes which are then extruded into thread. This is loaded on Vivaia’s high tech 3D knitting machine that is programmed to do the design needed. How cool is that?!

The Sustainable Shoes I Chose

When I was trying to decide what pair of shoes I wanted to receive, it took me two days to make a decision. Yes, I know, but it was so hard to choose!! They’re all so pretty!! Not only do you pick a style, you then have to pick a colour and I wanted them all!!

I finally decided and I went with the ‘Jade‘ Sandals in cream ivory.

Aren’t they gorgeous? I went for this colour because I didn’t own any shoes in this particular colour and my collection was lacking. The colour is perfect for a neutral wardrobe and looks so lovely with a pair of mom jeans. The shoes have a small heel but I love the way it’s shaped, it’s so unique! I love the height too because you can really play around with your outfits and wear them with either a dressy or casual look and still look amazing!!

The quality of the shoe itself feels so amazing too. You can’t even tell that they’re made from PET bottles, it’s incredible! They’re super comfortable too and feel like they’re made to fit perfectly on your feet!

The Jade sandals come in 4 different colours; cream ivory, deep ebony, denim blue and pale turquoise. All stunning in my opinion and that’s why I found it so hard to choose.

How I Styled My Vivaia Heels

Of course, I can’t just talk about these heels and not show you how I styled them! So, I tried to get an outfit that is a similar tone to the shoes so that it felt and looked cohesive throughout.

Outfit details:

Textured Dropped Sleeve Top – Taylor Lashae x NA-KD [PR Product]
PU Cropped Pants – Taylor Lashae x NA-KD [PR Product]
Aries Butterfly Zodiac Necklace – BORCIK [PR Product]

The texture of the top looked so stunning and looked really similar to the texture of the heels which made it the perfect combination for this outfit. As for the trousers, this was my first time ever wearing anything that looked like leather and I loved it. Plus black works with everything! I liked the contrast between the cream and black colours of the clothing and how well it all came together and worked when styling these heels.

I think these heels would also look so great with a pair of mom jeans or a cute dress. Whatever look you go for they are definitely perfect for all year round as they’re stylish, comfortable and just work with so many different looks.

VIVAIA have kindly given me a discount code to share with all of you! You can get 10% off with code “JE” on any of your purchases! And don’t forget to check out their website and Instagram (both tagged).

I’d love to know how you’d style these heels if you had the chance! Comment below and let’s share some inspo!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! ♡

Talk soon.


— Jessica

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