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Here’s why you’ll Love VIVAIA Sustainable Shoes

This month I had the chance to try a new sustainable brand: VIVAIA. In today’s post I will review their shoes and talk a bit about their brand and brand values.

First of all, let me just say how pleased I was when I opened the shoes box and just by feeling it, the shoes were so soft (especially on the back, which is always a critical point for me when I buy shoes. Normal heels or sandals have a hard material on the back of the shoe, which always makes it impossible for me to walk any long distance or to walk at all.) and that was already a big plus for me.

The shoes I have picked are the Della in Deep Ebony and they are just gorgeous, elegant, chic, feminine, yet comfortable and lightweight.

Some features of these heeled sandals are:

  • Pointed-toe
  • 6cm/ 2.36” heel
  • Knit upper made from plastic bottles
  • 100% Vegan leather insole
  • Carbon-free rubber outsole
  • Packaged with 100% recycled cardboard

PRO TIP: I usually go one/two sizes up when i shop from Asian website!

Here's why you'll Love VIVAIA Sustainable Shoes

Okay, now let’s just dive in on learning a little bit more about the brand:

Made out of recyclable materials, Vivaia shoes use 3D technology and a zero-waste function in order to create the ultimate combination of comfort and function. All designs feature chic and trendy styles that are fit for a large range of sizes.


The shoe boxes are made of recycled materials which ca ben reused. VIVAIA recycle wasted plastic bottles as eco-friendly materials.

More informations on their website


VIVAIA was founded with a mission: to create stylish and sustainable footwear that is eco-friendly and responsible. With a focus on creating a positive impact on both the world and the people around us, they have successfully created a line of luxurious and fashion-forward footwear with exceptional quality and at a fair price.

The name VIVAIA: the double ‘V’ and ‘A’ symbolize the shoes worn by their customers, with designs coming from opposite directions. The double ‘I’ represents the plastic bottles that they use in producing our shoes.


Using recycled materials and 3D technology, their team has established a zero-waste process to create a seamless 3D knitted design for the ultimate combination of comfort and function.

Here's why you'll Love VIVAIA Sustainable Shoes

These are the materials they use to make their shoes:

Plastic Water Bottles

They use recycled materials obtained from plastic water bottles, turning them into spools of thread to knit the surface material for their shoes, creating a signature sustainable material that will last for years to come

Latex Insoles

They are crafted using soft natural latex foam derived from rubber resin for everyday comfort and a lightweight feel on the foot.

Carbon-free Rubber Outsoles

They are created using carbon-free rubber for a highly elastic and flexible feel that is shock-resistant, fungi-proof and odor-resistant.


Each and every pair of VIVAIA shoes are fully machine and hand washable

Recycled Packaging

All their packaging is created using 90% recycled cardboard.

Here's why you'll Love VIVAIA Sustainable Shoes


What I love most about VIVAIA:

All footwear is made out of eco-friendly and sustainable materials (each pair is made from around 6 plastic water bottles)

The shoes are super comfy to walk!

The company offers fast, free standard shipping on all orders

14-day money-back guarantee

and… really nice customer service!

Here's why you'll Love VIVAIA Sustainable Shoes

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